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IceCube Data

Data Access and Use Policy

IceCube is committed to the goal of releasing data to the scientific community. This page contains data sets produced by AMANDA/IceCube researchers along with a basic description. Due to challenging demands on event reconstruction, background rejection, and systematic effects, data will be released after the main analyses are completed and results are published by the international IceCube Collaboration.

Real-time Alerts

IceCube real-time alerts trigger on a series of neutrino signatures with a high chance of identifying a neutrino of astrophysical origin, thus pointing to interesting regions of the sky, and notify the international community when an interesting cosmic phenomenon could be observed.

Processing and Filtering

The raw data rates collected by the IceCube detector far exceed our daily satellite bandwidth allocations. To allow physics analysis to proceed as quickly as possible, the first level of reconstruction and event filtering is done in near real time at the South Pole station.

Data Movement and SPADE

A suite of software applications that control the transfer of data from the South Pole to the Northern Hemisphere data warehouse as well as the archiving of data on tape at the South Pole.