IceCube Upgrade Neutrino Monte Carlo Simulation


The IceCube Upgrade is an upcoming extension to the IceCube neutrino observatory which will densely instrument a 2 Mton region in the deepest ice, within the existing DeepCore sub-array. This new sub-array will comprise 7 new strings featuring a total of nearly 700 multi-PMT optical modules (known as mDOMs and DEggs) at a vertical spacing of 3m, in addition to a host of new calibration devices.

The IceCube Upgrade sub-array will offer significantly enhanced neutrino detection efficiency and reconstruction resolution relative to DeepCore, as well as lowering the energy threshold to provide sensitivity to O(1 GeV) neutrinos. Improved detector and ice calibration will enhance the performance of the entire IceCube array.

Data release

Suggested citation for this dataset:

IceCube Collaboration (2020): IceCube Upgrade neutrino Monte Carlo simulation.

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Included in the download are the following files:

Data files

This data release contains simulated neutrino interaction events in the IceCube Upgrade. The events provided are at analysis level, meaning that background removal methods have been utilised to heavily suppress atmospheric muons and coincident detector noise.

The data is provided in two distinct formats (both formats contain the same underlying data):

  • Individual neutrino events
  • Binned event distributions, including effective area

The content of both formats is detailed in the enclosed README.txt file. The data is stored in plain text Comma Separated Value (CSV) files that require no specialised software to read. An example of using the neutrino event data is provided in the format of a jupyter/ipython notebook. Images showing the simulated detector geometry are also included.

These simulations are preliminary, as both the detector design and simulations will continue to be developed and enhanced during the design and construction phase.

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