Collaboration Meeting in Stockholm
Credit: IceCube Collaboration

Funding Agencies

IceCube Upgrade

The IceCube Upgrade project has been underway since 2018, with funding provided through a grant from the National Science Foundation and with significant contributions and support from the following:

Maintenance and Operations

The continued maintenance and operations of IceCube is also supported through a combination of funding sources. The University of Wisconsin–Madison is the lead institution responsible for management of IceCube, with support from grants by the National Science Foundation. These funds are supplemented by contributions from other funding agencies outside the US as well as through in-kind contributions and service work performed by members of collaborating institutions. Other agencies providing significant sources of funding in support of IceCube maintenance and operations include:

Scientific Research

The scientific research efforts undertaken by the IceCube Collaboration are funded through separate grants provided by agencies within each collaborating country. The IceCube Collaboration authors gratefully acknowledge the support of these agencies (see acknowledgments here).


The construction of the IceCube Neutrino Observatory, completed in 2010, was made possible through generous support from the National Science Foundation (USA). Other significant sources of funding during construction include: