University of Wisconsin-Madison

NSF mid-scale award sets off the first extension of IceCube

The National Science Foundation has approved full funding to upgrade the IceCube detector, extending its scientific capabilities to lower energies and thus enabling IceCube to reach neutrino energies that overlap with the energy ranges of smaller existing neutrino detectors worldwide.


Putting neutrino masses in their place

If you are asked to find the weight of an everyday object like a book or coffee mug, you can simply weigh it on a scale. But when the object is very, very light—like a particle—measuring mass gets very tricky.


Yoshida and Ishihara receive 2019 Nishina Memorial Prize

The Nishina Memorial Foundation announced that Prof. Shigeru Yoshida (Graduate School of Science) and Prof. Aya Ishihara (Institute for Global Prominent Research) were selected as the recipients of the 2019 Nishina Memorial Prize.


Week 47 at the Pole

IceCube was running smoothly last week. But it hasn’t been such smooth sailing this year for cargo arrivals (delays). On the plus side, a supply of IceCube beanie hats arrived!