University of Wisconsin-Madison

NSF mid-scale award sets off the first extension of IceCube

The National Science Foundation has approved full funding to upgrade the IceCube detector, extending its scientific capabilities to lower energies and thus enabling IceCube to reach neutrino energies that overlap with the energy ranges of smaller existing neutrino detectors worldwide.


IceCube investigates ANITA’s anomalous neutrino events

They have ruled out the last Standard Model explanation ...


ANTARES and IceCube combine forces to search for southern sky neutrino sources

Teamwork makes the dream work. Especially when that dream is to find sources of elusive particles called neutrinos.


Week 1 at the Pole

Ah, penguins! Who doesn’t love them? Both of IceCube’s winterovers got to view and photograph penguins recently, but not at the South Pole—no animals can survive the extreme cold temperatures of the Pole.