IceCube reveals neutrinos emanating from galactic neighbor with a gigantic black hole. Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Roma Tre Univ.


#IceCube10 – Celebrating 10 Years of IceCube

#IceCube10 – Celebrating 10 Years of IceCube


IceCube Explained

What exactly is IceCube? How does it use the South Pole ice to see neutrinos from outer space? Image: Yuya Makino, IceCube/NSF


Research Highlights

From neutrino physics to glaciology to dark matter, IceCube science spans a variety of fields.


Meet the Collaboration

The IceCube Collaboration includes hundreds of people from around the world. Image: Yuya Makino, IceCube/NSF


Activities and Resources

Learn more about IceCube by playing a game, making crafts, or reading our comic!


Working at the Pole

IceCube science begins at the South Pole. Image: Yuya Makino, IceCube/NSF


NSF mid-scale award sets off the first extension of IceCube

The IceCube Upgrade project represents the first phase in expanding IceCube for the future. Image: Kathrin Mallot, IceCube/NSF

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IceCube’s first study on seasonal variations of atmospheric neutrinos
By Alisa King-Klemperer | | Research |
Atmospheric muons and neutrinos are the most abundant signals detected in IceCube. They are produced in cosmic-ray-induced air showers in the Earth’s atmosphere. Cosmic rays are high-energy protons and heavier nuclei traveling through space. When these cosmic rays reach Earth and collide with atoms in the atmosphere, they create an [...]

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IceCube meets in Aachen for its spring 2023 collaboration meeting
By Alisa King-Klemperer | | Collaboration |
The spring IceCube Collaboration meeting wrapped up last week in Aachen, Germany, which was hosted by RWTH Aachen University. Over 200 members of the IceCube community attended the meeting either in person or virtually. For the second straight year since the pandemic began, the biannual collaboration meeting was held in [...]

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Week 11 at the Pole
By Jean DeMerit | | Life at the Pole |
Where is the horizon? Well, it must be there somewhere, hidden between the white of the snow on the ground and the white of the cloudy sky above. These winterovers were posing at the ceremonial Pole during a recent “sunset stroll,” which was technically a 3K race but one that [...]

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