IceCube HESE 12-year data release


This data release accompanies results presented at ICRC 2023 describing a revisited analysis of the HESE (high-energy starting events) sample with an additional 4.5 years of data that employs a full-resimulation reconstruction approach, DirectFit, which exactly incorporates recent updates in glacial ice modeling.

For further details refer to the IceCube publication:
“Updated Directions of IceCube HESE Events with the Latest Ice Model Using DirectFit,” T. Yuan and D. Chirkin for the IceCube Collaboration, Proceedings of the 38th International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC 2023), Nagoya, Japan, 26 July – 3 August, 2023;

Data release

The complete dataset, along with description and usage instructions, is available as a lightweight npy array here:

In addition to that, pregenerated FITS files containing probability density maps for each event can be found here:

For any questions about this data release, please write to