Observation of high-energy neutrinos from the Galactic plane


This data release accompanies results submitted to Science describing the observation of neutrinos from the galactic plane.

For further details, refer to the IceCube publication DOI: 10.1126/science.adc9818 

Data release

Suggested citation for this dataset:

IceCube Collaboration (2023): Observation of high-energy neutrinos from the Galactic plane – Public data release. Dataset. DOI: 10.21234/8v5d-rn16

Click here to download (.zip, 26.0 MB)

The contents of the downloaded .zip file are described below.

Data files

Provided in this release are datasets for reproducing the results and main figures.

The zipped data download contains the following:

  • README: A starting point file, describing the data release, directory contents, and file formats.
  • Nine directories: Main Result, Fig 2, Fig 3, and Fig 4, FigS1, FigS2, FigS9, FigS12, Reconstruction Resolution
  • The directory Main Result reproduces Figure 5, but also the main result of the paper, by reproducing from event level data the best fit ns, TS, flux, and p-value for each of the three template results.

Each directory holds .csv files required to reproduce the result/figure and short notebooks to demonstrate the use of the figure. The use of these files is specific to the figure. The information contained in these files is described in the following:

  • Main results: Per event information needed to generate the Galactic Plane template results (per event information includes ID, LLH spatial and energy contributions, and event energy; TS scrambled background distributions; neutrino effective area histograms binned in energy and sin(dec); and iPython notebooks to recreate these results).
  • Figure 2: Effective area histogram contents for this analysis and previous tracks and cascades searches along with an iPython notebook example.
  • Figure 3: All-sky, per-healpix bin contributions to TS values for each of the three models tested along with an iPython notebook example.
  • Figure 4: Per-pixel, pre-trial significance plot from all-sky point source search along with an iPython notebook example.
  • Figure S1: Histogram of expected events by flavor and type.
  • Figure S2: Histogram of Data/MC plots for angular uncertainty and sin(declination).
  • Figure S9: Analysis templates including detector acceptance smeared with various uncertainties.
  • Figure S12: Sensitivity and 4-sigma discovery potential as a function of sin(declination), plot source list upper limits.
  • Reconstruction Resolution: Angular resolution, energy resolution and coverage from Figures S6, S7, S8.

For any questions about this data release, please write to data@icecube.wisc.edu.