Density of GeV muons in air showers measured with IceTop


This data release accompanies results submitted to Physical Review D describing the measurement of the density of GeV muons with IceTop.

For further details, refer to the IceCube publication 10.1103/PhysRevD.106.032010.

Data release

Suggested citation for this dataset:

IceCube Collaboration (2022): Density of GeV muons in air showers measured with IceTop – Public data release. Dataset. DOI: 10.21234/sszj-qv50

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The contents of the downloaded .zip file are described below.

Data files

Provided in this release are datasets for Figures 12, 13, 16, and 17 of the IceCube publication, grouped in separate directories. Each directory provides all subfigures as .pdf files, and the corresponding data tables are stored in the files icecube.FigX_Y.Z1_Z2.txt, as described below and in the README file.

The zipped data download contains the following:

  • icecube.README.text: A starting point file, describing the data release, directory contents, and file formats.
  • four directories: Fig12, Fig13, Fig16, and Fig17.

Each directory holds .txt files with a naming convention “icecube.FigX_Y.Z1_Z2.txt,” where X indicates the number of the figure and Y indicates the corresponding radial distance, i.e., “600m” or “800m.” Z1 indicates the hadronic interaction model with Z2 is “data” for experimental data and either “proton” or “iron” indicating the primary mass for the corresponding Monte Carlo predictions.

The data in each .txt is provided in the following format:

1energy[PeV]energy in units of PeV
2y[1/m^2]muon density in units of 1/m^2
3yerr_stat[1/m^2]statistical error of the muon density in units of 1/m^2
4yerr_sys[1/m^2]systematic error of the muon density in units of 1/m^2

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