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Public Data Access (last release on 15 Nov 2016)

Featured release

A new release is available related to searches for point-like sources of neutrinos using the IceCube detector. This release includes data from only the first year of data taking with the completed 86-string detector, taken between May 2011 and May 2012. The dataset consists of 138,322 neutrino candidates with reconstructed incoming directions from anywhere in the sky. The search did not identify a single source, but the sensitivity was significantly improved from both this additional year of data and the introduction of improved reconstructions compared to previous publications.

Download: Search for point sources with first year of IC86 data

Data Use Policy

IceCube is committed to the goal of releasing data to the scientific community. The following links contain data sets produced by AMANDA/IceCube researchers along with a basic description. Due to challenging demands on event reconstruction, background rejection and systematic effects, data will be released after the main analyses are completed and results are published by the international IceCube Collaboration. During the construction phase of IceCube we expect that final data sets can be released within a few years after the data have been taken.

More Information

The following two links give more information about IceCube data formats and polcies.

Download Datasets

The pages below contain information about the data that were collected and links to the data files. We ask that you provide your contact information so that we may notify you if we revise the datasets in the future.

Dataset Release Date
A combined maximum-likelihood analysis of the astrophysical neutrino flux2016 Nov 15
Search for point sources with first year of IC86 data2016 Nov 01
Search for sterile neutrinos with one year of IceCube data2016 Jun 24
The 79-string IceCube search for dark matter2016 Jan 05
Observation of Astrophysical Neutrinos in Four Years of IceCube Data2015 Oct 21
Astrophysical muon neutrino flux in the northern sky with 2 years of IceCube data2015 Aug 20
IceCube-59: Search for point sources using muon events2015 Jun 19
Search for contained neutrino events at energies greater than 1 TeV in 2 years of data2015 Feb 19
IceCube Oscillations: 3 years muon neutrino disappearance data2015 Jan 27
Search for contained neutrino events at energies above 30 TeV in 2 years of data2013 Nov 21
IceCube-40 String Data2011 Sep 05
IceCube-22 Solar WIMP Data2009 May 21
AMANDA 7 Year Data2008 Sep 11

For any questions about IceCube data releases, please write to

Tool Release

IceCube also releases specific tools related to IceCube science results. Please visit the tools page to learn more about them.