Week 14 at the Pole

Person in red parka seen sitting on metal tower structure at the South Pole during sunset, beautiful pinks and purples in sky.
Connor Duffy, IceCube/NSF

What better way to enjoy a sunset than sitting atop a frozen tower at the South Pole? (Well, there are those who might argue for a lounge chair on a sandy beach, but to each their own.) And with a sunset that stretches out for weeks, it gives folks at the Pole more opportunities to enjoy it. IceCube winterover Connor captured the photo above of fellow NOAA winterover taking a break recently while perched on a tower in the Clean Air Sector. Last week, both IceCube winterovers were busy making continued progress on the new IceAct instrument and structure. Below shows the new instrument with installed lens and heater assembly. There was more ERT training last week (a recurring theme) as well as some festive food and fun in honor of birthday celebrations.

Close up of new instrumentation, a short cylindrical telescope apparatus, labeled on front with “IceAct.”
Kalvin Moschkau, IceCube/NSF
Beautiful layers of colored sky at sunset behind the satellite domes at the South Pole.
Connor Duffy, IceCube/NSF