Week 15 at the Pole

Steam from the South Pole station wafting horizontally across a clear sky after sunset, with lingering light along horizon.
Kalvin Moschkau, IceCube/NSF

The sun officially set weeks ago at the South Pole, but look at all that light on the horizon. It really sets off the steam from the station as it wafts in the wind, creating a long horizontal stream in the lower sky. IceCube’s winterovers were busy last week continuing their work on the IceACT telescope, outfitting components and wiring in the surface extension box. They also participated in ERT training (no…really?), attended an all-hands meeting, and enjoyed a fantastic burger bar. The image at the bottom shows a LIDAR (light detection and ranging) beam shooting up into the sky from behind the station. The LIDAR, from a winter-only experiment, is used to measure atmospheric gravity waves in the upper atmosphere.

Close up view inside computer box showing components and wiring.
Kalvin Moschkau, IceCube/NSF
South Pole station post sunset, lingering light along horizon, and a LIDAR beam shooting up vertically into the sky from behind the station.
Connor Duffy, IceCube/NSF