The IceCube Collaboration meeting begins in Berlin


The fall IceCube Collaboration meeting begins today in Berlin (Germany) hosted by the Humboldt University and DESY. More than 225 IceCube collaborators from around the globe will meet in person to discuss new data, review current studies, and coordinate efforts for future IceCube expansion.

Throughout the conference there will also be opportunities to talk about science communication, diversity, and professional development in a series of events geared at providing the IceCube community a forum for discussion beyond IceCube’s research program.

The collaboration meetings, held biannually in the home city of an IceCube Institution, also provide opportunities for engaging the local community in neutrino astronomy and neutrino physics. In Berlin, Francis Halzen, IceCube PI and professor of physics at UW–Madison, will be giving a talk about neutrino astronomy at the South Pole.

The fall Collaboration meeting will come to a close on October 6 and will be followed by the Mediterranean Antarctic Neutrino Telescope Symposium (MANTs) meeting, which will be held in Marseille, France, from October 7-8.