2015 IceCube Masterclass registration now open


Registration for the 2015 IceCube Masterclass, to take place on March 18th at ten IceCube hosting institutions, is open to high school students in their last two years before college.

The IceCube Masterclass is a one-day event where students learn about astrophysics through lectures and hands-on analysis of data from the IceCube Neutrino Observatory. Students will also have lunch with IceCube researchers and discuss their results in a virtual meeting with the other student participants.

In the spring of 2014, the IceCube Collaboration launched this new education project that brought hands-on science to more than 100 participants from four different cities in the United States and Europe. The program’s success prompted a second edition, the 2015 masterclass, which has ten participating institutions located in Germany, Belgium, Denmark, and the United States.

Students work together on IceCube Neutrino Observatory data analysis. Photo: IceCube Collaboration.

Teachers can register their students through the masterclass website. Registration is free but mandatory, and will remain open until the program is full.

The IceCube Masterclass program is inspired by the International Masterclasses program, started in 2005 by the International Particle Physics Outreach Group and supported in the US by QuarkNet.