Week 46 at the Pole

A large plane parked on the ice in the background, with some people in parkas walking toward and away from the plane.
Connor Duffy, IceCube/NSF

It’s summer at the Pole, with new people coming and other folks leaving. IceCube’s new winterovers, Connor and Kalvin, are settling in well. They spent time with the previous winterovers on turnover training, which included a trip out to the IceCube Lab, and the IceCube detector remained quiet and well behaved for their introductory week. At the station, a mixer was held for old and new staff alike to chat and share experiences. The welcome event included fun and games, too, like cornhole, hallway bowling, and table tennis. The winterovers were also blessed with a really nice sun halo, and they had some time to explore the cold storage area beneath the station (which they found to be “’Indiana Jones-esque”).

A bright sun with a halo at the South Pole, with some snow mounds and snow vehicles off to the side.
Kalvin Moschkau, IceCube/NSF
Long view of cold storage area below the South Pole station, with large boxes on pallets lining the walls.
Kalvin Moschkau, IceCube/NSF