Week 35 at the Pole

South Pole winterover group photo under a star-filled bluish sky with a horizontal streak of green auroras and a vertical green laser beam shooting up into the sky.
Christian Rahl, GHG

The skies might be getting a bit brighter as sunrise approaches, but last week at the Pole saw some rapidly dropping temperatures, reaching -100 F over the weekend. That’s not record-breaking, but it is extremely cold nonetheless. Severe cold doesn’t stop winterovers from doing their planned outdoor activities, however. Above, we see them all gathered at the geographic South Pole for the official winterover group photo. Below, the dim light in the sky is more than enough to make out what’s going on—a weather balloon rising after release. Last week’s activities also included continued emergency response training and removing the covers that they had put up on all the station’s windows at the beginning of winter.

A person in red parka in distance off to the left with a weather balloon off to the right rising in the sky.
Marc Jacquart, IceCube/NSF