Diversity at IceCube

As an organization, the IceCube Collaboration and the IceCube Neutrino Observatory, hereafter referred to as the IceCube community, are committed to diversity and inclusivity, acknowledging these as foundational elements of excellence in any leading public research institution and community.

We will promote a workplace environment that celebrates the value of a diverse community and enables every member to contribute to their full potential regardless of age, disability, gender, individual belief, nationality, ethnicity, profession, race, or sexual orientation. Our goals include promoting a diverse and skilled next generation of scientists and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) professionals, engaging in public outreach, strengthening professional networks, and assuring equity and inclusion within the IceCube community.

The IceCube Diversity Task Force

The IceCube diversity task force was created to recognize the cultural and intellectual richness of the IceCube community and to advance inclusion and equity in and beyond our community. This task force is committed to proactively supporting the integration of the IceCube statement of diversity into organizational policies, procedures, and practice.

The IceCube diversity task force:

  • provides a point of contact for anyone working at IceCube to raise topics related to diversity and inclusion1,
  • maintains a support network for the IceCube community that fosters respect and values each individual’s contributions,
  • provides a forum for discussion and dialogue on work-related diversity issues,
  • identifies research-based information about diversity and inclusion1 to highlight benefits for the IceCube community and inform IceCube’s activities
  • provides information and a support network for the IceCube community that fosters respect and values each individual’s contributions,
  • promotes programs nurturing diversity and inclusion in and beyond the IceCube community, and
  • shares best practices to ensure inclusive recruitments and work environments in all IceCube collaborating institutions.

Write to diversity@icecube.wisc.edu with questions or ideas about diversity at IceCube.

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