Week 8 at the Pole

Winterover in red parka out on the ice, just after launching a weather balloon.
Alexander Pollak, SPT/NSF

The sun has not quite set at the South Pole, but it’s low and the shadows are getting longer. Last week, IceCube’s winterovers were busy (working and playing) outdoors. Marc learned to launch a weather balloon, so he can join the rotation of volunteers to launch daily balloons as there’s no meteorologist stationed at the Pole this winter. Hrvoje took advantage of a long weekend to go camping. He pitched a Scott tent, named for South Pole explorer Robert F. Scott, right beside the geographical Pole and spent the night. According to Hrvoje, it apparently wasn’t “that cold,” even though the temperature was around -40 °C.

Winterover in red parka with arms outstretched, posing in front of a pitched Scott tent at geographic South Pole.
Margaret Hubbeling, NSF
Person smiling with eyes closed, bundled in sleeping bag inside a Scott tent at the South Pole.
Margaret Hubbeling, NSF