Week 10 at the Pole

The ceremonial South Pole at sunset, with sun blocked by mirrored Pole marker.
Marc Jacquart, IceCube/NSF

IceCube winterover Marc stationed himself nicely to get this photo of the sun setting behind the ceremonial South Pole. He photographed it from a distance last month, under clear skies when the sun was still high. But you don’t need a month for the environment to look different. The two photos below of the IceCube Lab (ICL) were taken a mere two days apart, from almost the same vantage point. The windy weather in between left the ICL’s towers and stairs coated in a layer of snow. And it made for unpleasant weather for Marc and Hrvoje to contend with while out taking IceTop snow depth measurements, a task best done in daylight. 

The IceCube Lab at sunset, with sun out and casting long shadows.
Hrvoje Dujmovic, IceCube/NSF
The IceCube Lab at sunset, in shadow and somewhat snowswept.
Marc Jacquart, IceCube/NSF
Two winterovers taking snow depth measurements outside at the Southh Pole with low visibility.
Luke Haberkern, Leidos/NSF