Week 15 at the Pole

Mack in mask
Christian Krueger, IceCube/NSF

IceCube winterover Mack van Rossem stands, with a full moon and the IceCube Lab (ICL) in the background, all geared up and ready to tackle IceTop measurements. Nice mask! As with many things in life, preparation is half the battle. For this outdoor winter activity at the South Pole, not only do you need sufficient foot and hand warmers (their sufficiency was apparently questionable), but lots of other supplies, including radios, GPS, mobile phone, spare batteries, and of course clipboard and measuring tape. Best to lay everything out beforehand. This week also saw the first auroras of the season making their appearance. The last photo shows the sky above the ICL in a shot compiled from a 15-minute sequence of pictures, with a time-lapse video available here.

Icetop prep
Christian Krueger, IceCube/NSF
Christian Krueger, IceCube/NSF
aurora complitation
Hans Boenish, BICEP/NSF