Week 38 at the Pole

NSF/F. Pedreros

The sun is rising at the Pole, but this once-a-year occurrence is a much more gradual happening than the once-a-day occurrence most of us experience (or don’t, if we sleep through it, as the case may be). Above, increasing sunlight lets you clearly see the flag path leading to the Dark Sector (here’s a Google Maps panoramic view of this area, on a clear bright day); below is the last bright full moon before the sun is fully risen. This week’s activities included a celebratory sunrise dinner, complete with homemade Chilean alfajores, and (perhaps to ward off unwanted effects) the annual South Pole triathalon, in which individuals compete in rowing, cycling, and running events.

NSF/F. Pedreros
NSF/B. Kuo Tiong
NSF/F. Pedreros