Thai engineer joins the IceCube Upgrade project

A man speaking at a podium
Chana Sinsabvarodom speaks at a press conference in Bangkok on November 24, 2023. Credit: Dr. Tatphicha Promfu

Thai engineer Chana Sinsabvarodom was recently selected to work on the IceCube Upgrade project, which will install seven more densely instrumented strings of light sensors near the center of the IceCube array at the South Pole. The IceCube Upgrade will significantly enhance IceCube’s sensitivity to lower-energy neutrinos, improve the fidelity of all past and future data, and test future technologies.

Chiang Mai University in Thailand is an associate member of the IceCube Collaboration. Sinsabvarodom, a researcher and lecturer at Chiang Mai University, is the first Thai researcher to work at the South Pole for the IceCube project. He will begin working with the drill team at the South Pole this field season.

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