IceCube statement on recent global events

The leadership of the IceCube Neutrino Observatory stands in unity with the members of the global community striving to overcome hundreds of years of systemic racism and are outraged by recent acts of violence and hatred. These acts, and the conscious and unconscious biases that permeate our society, impact all aspects of our world, including creating barriers for African Americans and all people of color to participate in the science we are privileged to pursue.

Diversity is essential to the success of the scientific endeavor. We recognize that as a collaboration we must do more to support scientists of color and to ensure that people from all backgrounds feel welcome to take part in the scientific enterprise, and that we must stand for diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice in the communities where we live and at the institutions where we work. We cannot change this overnight, but we support those working for change until this issue no longer lives in our world.