IceCube’s 10th Anniversary Cake

2021 marks IceCube’s 10th year of full operation, which calls for celebration. And since you can’t have a celebration without a cake…we made one!

Introducing IceCube’s 10th anniversary cake!

The top tier is chocolate with nutella fudge and is decorated with a star- and aurora-filled night sky and the IceCube Laboratory. The bottom tier, which is funfetti with cream cheese frosting, is topped with an “icy” isomalt surface and fondant flags representing the countries that are represented in the IceCube Collaboration. Embedded in the bottom layer are gummy “DOMs” that glow under black light!

It was baked and decorated by UW–Madison graduate student Maria Prado, who has been baking and decorating elaborate cakes throughout the pandemic. (See her work at @cakes_by_mvp.)

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we could not serve this cake with the IceCube Collaboration at our fall collaboration meeting (which has gone virtual) as originally planned. But the photos of it are still amazing, aren’t they?