IceCube submits white paper outlining plans for IceCube-Gen2, the next-level extension of the detector

The IceCube Neutrino Observatory is performing admirably, but to make new physics discoveries and continue to probe the mysteries of the universe, a bigger and more sensitive detector is needed.

So, in August 2020, the international IceCube-Gen2 Collaboration submitted a white paper that outlined the need for and design of a next-generation extension of IceCube. By adding new optical and radio instruments to the existing detector, IceCube-Gen2 will increase the annual rate of cosmic neutrino observations by an order of magnitude, and its sensitivity to point sources will increase to five times that of IceCube.

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Schematic drawing of the IceCube-Gen2 facility, including the optical array (blue-shaded region) that contains IceCube (red-shaded region) and a more densely instrumented core that will have additional sensors added in the next few years as part of the IceCube Upgrade project underway (green-shaded region). Credit: IceCube Collaboration