IceCube confirms cosmic neutrino flux with muon neutrinos traversing Earth

In a paper published on August 20, 2015, IceCube confirmed its 2013 astrophysical neutrino flux results with an independent analysis of neutrinos that had come mostly from the northern sky. Since IceCube is located at the South Pole, searching just the northern sky allowed IceCube to use Earth as a filter against cosmic-ray muons, which, unlike neutrinos, cannot travel all the way through the planet.

From this analysis, IceCube detected 21 neutrinos above 100 TeV, which could not be explained by neutrinos produced in Earth’s atmosphere and were most likely astrophysical in nature.

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The ICL and a high-energy muon neutrino (day)
One of the highest energy neutrino events of this study superimposed on a view of the IceCube Lab at the South Pole. Credit: IceCube Collaboration