AMANDA publishes first neutrino sky map in Nature

On March 22, 2001, the initial results from AMANDA came out in Nature. Over 138 days in 1997, AMANDA’s sensors saw 263 high-energy neutrinos, and they produced a map showing the origins of those particles in the sky. As Francis Halzen told a Nature writer, “This is a proof of concept showing that we can build a neutrino telescope in ice.”

This paper helped pave the way for the future IceCube Neutrino Observatory; the final line in its abstract says, “These results establish a technology with which to build a kilometre-scale neutrino observatory necessary for astrophysical observations.”

First neutrino sky plot from AMANDA
The first map of the high-energy neutrino sky, produced with data from the AMANDA-II telescope at the South Pole. Credit: AMANDA Collaboration