Rosie & Gibbs

Adventures with Rosie & Gibbs: the lost penguins

The Rosie & Gibbs comic book was created as a way to introduce astrophysics and Antarctic science to young kids. The first issue was published in March 2018 and the last one in May 2019. It’s still uncertain if there might be other adventures to come, but it’s been a lot of fun creating the ones published so far. Rosie and Gibbs are two penguins that get lost and end up at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station in Antarctica. Even though the South Pole is far, very far, from fresh water or any other natural resources — no animals or plant life exist for hundreds of miles — they find out that a few souls do live there, among them the team that takes care of the IceCube Neutrino Observatory. Rosie and Gibbs become “IceCubers” and learn more about Antarctica and the science going on there. Each issue explains an adventure, from the first trip the two penguins take from Antarctica’s coast to the South Pole to the day when they decide they need to go back. You can read and download one issue at a time, or check out the special collected edition, which features extra content. Write to comic at icecube dot wisc dot edu, with any suggestions you’d like to share or questions you have about the comic.

Collected Edition


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Adventure 1:

The Journey to the South Pole
Adventures with Rosie & Gibbs #1

Adventure 2:

A Detector in the Ice

Adventure 3:

An Exciting Discovery

Adventure 4:

In Search of Water at the South Pole Station
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Adventure 5:

IceCube Winterovers to the Rescue
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Adventure 6:

New Excitement on the Horizon
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