Week 17 at the Pole

The IceCube Lab at night post sunset, with faint light lingering along horizon in background.
Wenceslas Marie-Sainte, IceCube/NSF

IceCube’s winterovers were out at the IceCube Lab (ICL) for some troubleshooting last week, and they captured a few different views of the ICL in photographs. Above, the lingering light along the horizon still seems quite strong. Below, the stars are more apparent and there is a wisp of an aurora overhead. We get more than a wisp in the subsequent image, where the sky appears full of auroras. Winter night-sky-viewing is in full force. Most of the week was quiet, though, and the winterovers continued with their normal routines, which included exercising their artistic sides—such talent! Celas designed a poster for the Antarctic Games 2022, which he has been organizing, and Moreno has been drawing, displaying some of his work in the South Pole art gallery.

The IceCube Lab at night, with Milky Way and faint aurora overhead.
Wenceslas Marie-Sainte, IceCube/NSF
Dark sky full of green auroras.
Wenceslas Marie-Sainte, IceCube/NSF
Side-by-side examples of artwork, a poster on the left featuring penguin head graphic, pencil drawing of realistic face/eyes.
Left: Wenceslas Marie-Sainte, IceCube/NSF; right: Moreno Baricevic, IceCube/NSF