Week 46 at the Pole

Group photo gathered around the geographic South Pole sign with pride flags.
Andrea Dixon, NSF

Last week was busy at the South Pole—and cold, too, even though it’s summer there. There were some “boomerang” flights (where a plane on course must turn around and go back, usually due to weather), leaving last year’s IceCube winterovers stuck at the Pole … just a bit longer. Meanwhile, IceCube’s summer activities went into full swing, including lots of server upgrades. Last week’s activities also included Polar Pride Day, a visitor to the IceCube Lab (shown with IceCube winterover Moreno inside and IceCube winterover Celas outside), and a world record attempt for the southernmost musical chairs game (no photos of that one!).

Two people close up in foreground, inside sever room of the IceCube Lab with lots of cables in background.
George Aukon, NSF
Two people close up in foreground, with IceCube Lab behind them.
George Aukon, NSF