Week 35 at the Pole

Dark sector flag line with pinkish sky at twilight.
Josh Veitch-Michaelis, IceCube/NSF

It’s now bright enough to see your way around outside at the Pole, which is great. Well, maybe, depending on your perspective. Sure, now you can leave your headlamps behind as you venture outdoors. But there’s a downside…the auroras are gone, and there are very few stars left visible in the sky. With the complete sunrise only a few weeks away, those lingering stars will be completely gone soon enough. Understandably, there are mixed feelings around the station as the season changes. Last week, participating winterovers completed a “Walk to Mordor,” which involved doing cardio in the gym for the duration of the Lord of the Rings (extended edition—11 hours runtime!). A new tradition?

People in gym watching a monitor while exercising on treadmills and exercise bikes.
Sheryl Seagraves, NSF
Winterover seated in snow in front of the IceCube Lab at twilight.
Brandon Amat, NSF