Week 26 at the Pole

Three galley staffing posing behind table set up with brunch food.
Matt Young, NSF

IceCube’s winterovers were busy last week. Although IceCube is a well-behaved detector, it nonetheless has issues arise from time to time that require attention—that’s what the winterovers are there for after all. An update to the detector’s core control software last week resulted in some hiccups to the detector’s uptime, but all was resolved in due time.

Besides the detector excitement, on the weekend they watched a Marvel movie and then celebrated the 4th of July holiday a great brunch (thanks, galley staff! (above)) and fun carnival-style activities in the gym, including face painting, a chili tasting competition, and a “stress relief” booth, where participants threw balls at cans set up with photos of station members’ faces on them.

Two people seated in facing chairs for face painting.
Lisa Minelli-Endlich, ASC/NSF
People gathered around chili cookoff table in gym.
Lisa Minelli-Endlich, ASC/NSF
Photos of people’s faces attached to cans for a carnival game.
Lisa Minelli-Endlich, ASC/NSF