Week 3 at the Pole

Two people in fire gear playing dodgeball in gym.]
Josh Veitch-Michaelis, IceCube/NSF

So much activity at the Pole last week. A game of dodgeball is just the thing to provide practice for the emergency response team. First, they have to don their full gear in under two minutes before they can pick up a ball for their team. Then, they have to play dodgeball.  It’s a workout.  Also last week, IceCube winterovers Martin and Josh were both participants in a pool tournament and in presenting a science lecture on IceCube for others at the station. Where was long-term IceCube winterover John in all of this? It was finally his time to return home, as we see him below walking out to an awaiting Basler plane after spending almost 15 months on the ice. Martin captured the plane high in the sky as it was turning toward McMurdo Station, with the IceCube Lab looking quite small on the surface.

Person bent over pool table in middle of a shot.
Martin Wolf, IceCube/NSF
Several people in red parkas from behind making their way toward a plane waiting on the ice.
Martin Wolf, IceCube/NSF
A plane with contrails high in a blue sky over the IceCube Lab, appearing small in lower right.
Martin Wolf, IceCube/NSF