Outreach from the South Pole

John and Yuya on a video call with Kiyomi junior high school in Takayama, Gifu, Japan. Credit: Kiyomi junior high school

Our winterovers, John and Yuya, are now more than halfway through their year at the South Pole. In June, they celebrated midwinter, and every day they get closer to seeing the sun again. In between coding projects, learning how to play chess, and lots of incredible photography, John and Yuya have done remote outreach activities with a number of groups around the world.

Together, John and Yuya have reached hundreds of people through virtual talks and presentations, including the following:

John wrote a “Letter to the Editor” of Physics Magazine for their COVID-19 series. Read it here.

Since austral winter began, Yuya has contributed monthly columns to a Japanese newspaper, the Chunichi Shimbun. He also wrote an article that will be on the cover of the September issue of the Physical Society of Japan’s magazine .

If you would like to organize a free virtual visit from John and Yuya to your conference or classroom, please email learn@icecube.wisc.edu.

One of Yuya’s columns for the Chunichi Shimbun. Copyright Yuya Makino