Week 25 at the Pole

Erik taking photos
Marissa Goerke, NSF

IceCube winterover Erik Beiser was captured in the above image silhouetted by the rising moon while out taking aurora photos himself.

Station life was generally quiet last week, but a hallway was lined with evidence of tumultuous activity from a few weeks back—exploding soda cans. They’re still defrosting the spoils. If you didn’t know that soda containers explode when exposed to extremely cold temperatures, an accidental heat loss, like the one they just had awhile back in a storage building at the Pole, would quickly bring you up to speed. Or you could also find out by conducting your own experiment under the right conditions.

soda in trash
Erik Beiser, IceCube/NSF
Erik Beiser, IceCube/NSF
colorful aurora
Erik Beiser, IceCube/NSF