2023 IceCube Impact Awards announced

The results of the tenth edition of the IceCube Impact Awards were announced this week at IceCube’s spring collaboration meeting in Aachen, Germany. During the ceremony, IceCube spokesperson Ignacio Taboada gave each recipient a certificate and mug to commemorate their achievements while those who could not attend joined virtually. The awardees are Cristina Lagunas Gualda (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron); Manuel Silva (University of Wisconsin–Madison); Jessie Thwaites (University of Wisconsin–Madison); Tania Kozynets and Tom Stuttard (Niels Bohr Institute), recipients of the Group Impact Award; and Erik Blaufuss (University of Maryland), recipient of the IceCube Legacy Impact Award.

The IceCube Impact Awards, established in 2018, recognize broad and significant contributions to IceCube that are normally not acknowledged through its scientific publications. The award is split into the following three categories: individual, legacy, and group awards. The 2023 awardees and their contributions are highlighted below:

The 2023 IceCube Individual Impact Awards

Cristina Lagunas Gualda
For leadership in investigations into the characterization of track reconstruction, including angular errors, for real-time alerts.

Manuel Silva
For producing general purpose simulations, and providing high quality documentation, in support of many analyses.

Jessie Thwaites
For essential contributions to infrastructure for gravitational wave alert follow-up and dedication to making the collaboration and its science more accessible.

The 2023 IceCube Group Impact Award

Tania Kozynets and Tom Stuttard
For unrelenting investigations into systematic uncertainties in DeepCore and key contributions to IceCube Upgrade simulations.

The 2023 IceCube Legacy Impact Award

Erik Blaufuss
For consistently bringing a collaborative, positive attitude and outcome to a wide variety of projects, reviews, and mentorship over many years of IceCube operation.