Collaboration Meeting in Stockholm
Credit: IceCube Collaboration

Acceptable Use Policy and IceCube VO

The IceCube Virtual Organization (VO) supports the use of grid facilities for members of the IceCube collaboration. The IceCube VO is available on various grids supporting the LHC, and on the Open Science Grid. The grids are intended to provide computing resources for analysis, processing and filtering, and simulation activities for the IceCube project.

The IceCube VO provides the mechanisms for determining access to grid resources. This is implemented by adding attributes to your certificate. Any grid interface which uses X.509 certificates and the VO extensions can be used to manage your workload on a particular grid.

IceCube collaborators should use the internal wiki for more information about using grid resources.

Acceptable Use Policy for Open Science Grid Resources

The IceCube VO is a community of GRID Computing users whose membership falls into the following categories:

  1. IceCube processing and filtering users
  2. IceCube analysis users
  3. IceCube simulation


The goals of the IceCube VO are:

  1. Support IceCube simulation activities
  2. Support IceCube analysis activities
  3. Support IceCube data management activities

Any use of grid computing resources by an individual member or group of members under the auspices of the IceCube VO, that is not explicitly covered by the numbered points above, is unacceptable and a violation of this policy.

Records Policy

The IceCube VO keeps records of registration and logging data for purposes of administration, operation, accounting and security. You agree, where such agreement is required, to the collection of this information and its use for the stated purposes.

Relation To Global OSG AUP

By agreeing to this policy, you also agree to abide by the global OSG AUP document 86 as if it were included here in full. Both policies define the acceptable use of the IceCube and the OSG VOs. It is your responsibility to read both before you agree to sign and to review them periodically. The management of the IceCube VO endorses the global AUP and will only grant and allow membership based on agreement with and continued adherence to both the IceCube VO and the global OSG AUP.

Violation Consequences

The IceCube VO may suspend or terminate your membership as a result of violations of either its own policy or the global OSG AUP referenced above.

Statement Of Agreement

Use of the IceCube VO to access any grid facilities implies consent with this agreement.