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Student Programs

Upward Bound students in action, photo by S. Stevenoski
Upward Bound students in action, photo by S. Stevenoski
  • MasterClass invites young students—our future scientists—to learn about particle astrophysics by doing real research.
  • REU invites undergraduate students to work with us over the summer on neutrino physics projects under the supervision of IceCube scientists.
  • Upward Bound is a program that provides opportunities for high school students from low-income families to succeed in pre-college performance and higher education pursuits.
  • ITA — Information about the program and internship experiences at IceCube.

IceCube construction, operation and science represent an ideal opportunity for education and outreach by combining the fascination of studying neutrinos, cosmology and the extreme Universe with the hostile Antarctic environment. The next few years present a unique opportunity to use the IceCube Education and Outreach activities to address a number of the broader issues facing the science and technology community.

  1. The homogeneity of the science and technology workforce where white males make up over two-thirds of the work force, and continue to be significantly over-represented in undergraduate and graduate programs in these disciplines.
  2. The overall student interest in science and engineering careers. It is clear from the number of students entering undergraduate programs that fewer students see science and technology as desirable career paths.
  3. There is an increasing lack of understanding and support for science among the general public. Recruiting and training the next generation of scientists and engineers, which will require broad support from an informed electorate and their representatives, has implications for economic growth, national defense, and homeland security.

The IceCube education and outreach program can contribute to these vital economic and national security needs in addition to fostering intellectual curiosity about the universe. The challenge is to develop a program that will serve multiple constituencies and maximize the impact of the dollars spent. To achieve this we partner with programs, forming symbiotic relationships to leverage the available resources.

If you or your organization are interested in joining our effort to achieve these goals, or if you have further questions or comments, please contact us at: