The weekly laboratory exercises are 3 hours long. We meet in 3310 and 3314 Chamberlin Hall. Follow the "General Instructions" in the laboratory manual (pages 5-15). Information about the laboratories is also found on Please read the instructions for each lab before attending the lab session. The experiments are to be written up during the laboratory period in the lab notebook. The lab notebook is not to be taken from the lab except with permission of your instructor. For one lab you will be asked to write a detailed lab report. This report will contribute 30% to your lab grade.

The physics 202 laboratory is in 3314 Chamberlin. The timetable for the labs can be found here.  However, you must attend lab only in the time slot for your session. A valid excuse and the permission of both TA's are required if you have to attend an alternative session. A make-up slot is scheduled on every exam week. Please inform your TA of the labs you want to make up ahead of time so arrangements can be made.

Labs are mandatory. Each missed lab automatically lowers your final course grade by half a letter point.