TeV Particle Astrophysics

TeV Conference Program Schedule

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Monday, August 28
Chaired by: Pasquale Blasi
TimePresenterTitleDuration (Minutes)
8:30T. Montaruli Room 2103Welcome to our conferences15
8:45E. Lorenz Room 2103Gamma Astronomy With Ground Based Arrays: Results and Future Perspectives40
9:30C. Dermer Room 2103Astrophysical Sources of Neutrinos and Expected Rates30
10:05S. Yoshida Room 2103Are There EHE Signals?30
10:40Coffee break
11:00P. Blasi Room 2103Open Questions on UHECRs30
11:35T. Weiler Room 2103New Physics in Neutrino Telescopes35
2:00WG 3 Room 2223TeV Particle (I. Albuquerque, T. Weiler) Break around 4:20pm
2:30WG 1 Room 2103Gamma Astronomy (F. Krennrich, M. Teshima) Break around 4:10pm
WG 2 Room 2241UHECR (P. Ghia, T. Gaisser) Break around 4:20pm
7:30Poster session Front lobby of Chamberlin - viewing only
Tuesday, August 29
Chaired by: J. A. Goodman
TimePresenterTitleDuration (Minutes)
8:30F. Krennrich Room 2103Status and First Results From Veritas30
9:05Pascal Coyle Room 2103Overview of Underwater Neutrino Telescopes35
9:45K. Hanson Room 2103600 down: What's up with IceCube?35
10:25Coffee break
Chaired by: H. Falcke
10:45J. Cronin Room 2103Recent Experimental Results on UHECR35
11:25E. Komatsu Room 2103Recent WMAP results35
12:05L. Thompson Room 2103Status of Acoustic Detection30
2:30WG 4 Room 2241Neutrino Astronomy (D. Hooper L. Koepke) Break around 4:10pm
WG 5 Room 2103Dark Matter (L. Baudis, G. Bertone) Break around 4:10pm
7:30Poster session
Wednesday, August 30
Chaired by: G. Catanesi
TimePresenterTitleDuration (Minutes)
8:30T. Han Room 2103Connections Between Astroparticle and LHC Physics30
9:05N. Cornish Room 2103Gravitational Wave Astronomy40
9:50B. Cabrera Room 2103Latest Results on Dark Matter Direct Detection and CDMS35
10:20Coffee break
Chaired by: T. Han
10:40P. Ullio Room 2103Indirect DM Detection30
11:30H. Falcke Room 2103The LOFAR Array and LOPES Prototype Results30
12:10E. Aprile Room 2103Future of Dark Matter Direct Detection30
2:30WG 6 Room 2241Gravitational Waves (G. Mueller, B. Allen) Break around 4:10pm
WG 7 Room 2103New Technologies (D. Saltzberg, J. Vandenbroucke) Break around 4:45pm
7:30State Historical Society, Langdon at N. Park St.Social Dinner
Thursday, August 31 - All session in Room 2103
Chaired by: A. Karle
TimePresenterTitleDuration (Minutes)
8:30R. WeissReview on Gravitational Wave Detectors40
9:15G. VarnerThe Radio Technique and the Exploration of the Extreme Energy Universe35
9:55G. CatanesiHadroproduction measurements at CERN25
10:25Coffee Break20
Chaired by: B. Morse
10:45T. GaisserSummary Talk of the Conference45
11:35F. Krennrich, M. TeshimaReport of WG on Gamma Astronomy4
Chaired by: L. Anchordoqui
2:00L. Koepke, D. HooperReport of WG on Neutrino Astronomy40
2:45D. Saltzberg, D. WatersReport of WG on New Techniques40
3:15P. Ghia, T. GaisserReport on UHE Cosmic Rays40
4:15L. Baudis G. BertoneReport of WG on Dark Matter40
4:45Coffee Break
Chaired by: Francis Halzen
5:05G. Mueller, B. AllenReport of WG on Gravitational Waves40
5:50I. Albuquerque, A. KusenkoReport of WG on TeV Particle40
6:30End of Conference