TeV Particle Astrophysics

The Proceedings will be published in the Open Access Journal of Physics: Conference Series (JPCS) which is published by the Institute of Physics in the UK.

Proceedings for Download

Section Author Names Title of Paper
Plenary Presenters E. Lorenz Gamma-ray Astronomy with ground-based arrays: Status and perspectives
C.D. Dermer Best-bet astrophysical neutrino sources
S. Yoshida Are there EHE signals?
P. Blasi Open questions with ultra-high-energy Cosmic Rays
T. Weiler Some Neutrino Astrophysics, Looking Forward
F. Krennrich, et al. Status report from VERITAS
P. Coyle Neutrinos out of the (deep) blue - The status of underwater neutrino telescopes
K. Hanson Construction status and future of the IceCube neutrino observatory
L. Thompson The acoustic detection of ultra-high-energy neutrinos - Status report
E. Aprile, L. Baudis, B. Cabrera Search for weakly interacting massive particles with CDMS and XENON
M.G. Catanesi Hadron production measurements at CERN
T.K. Gaisser TEV Particle Astrophysics II: Summary comments
Working Group Summaries F. Krennrich Gamma Ray Astronomy (WG I); Science results
P.L. Ghia WG II report on ultra-high-energy Cosmic Rays
I.F.M. Albuquerque, S. Palomares-Ruiz, T. Weiler WG III report on TeV Particle astrophysics
D. Hooper, L. Köpke Summary of Working Group 4: High-energy neutrino telescopes
J.A. Vandenbroucke Summary: Acoustic Detection of extremely high-energy neutrinos
Presentations - WG 1: Gamma Astronomy H. Krimm for the SWIFT Science Team Gamma-ray observations with SWIFT and their impact
S. Razzaque High-energy emissions from Gamma-Ray bursts
J. Carson GLAST: Physics goals and instrument status
D. Horns for the H.E.S.S. Collaboration H.E.S.S.: Status and future plan
J.A. Goodman for the Milagro Collaboration Study of galactic Gamma-Ray sources with Milagro
B. Giebels for the H.E.S.S. Collaboration Study of extragalactic sources with H.E.S.S.
A.J. Smith for the HAWC Collaboration HAWC: A next-generation all-sky Gamma-Ray telescope
D. Horns for the H.E.S.S. Collaboration Study of galactic sources with H.E.S.S.
S. Swordy Future directions in ground-based Gamma-Ray astronomy
Section Author Names Title of Paper
Presentations - WG 2: Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic Rays S. Swordy Direct measurements of Cosmic Rays
A. Haungs Air shower measurements in the primary energy range from PeV to EeV
S.P. Wakely Ground-based observations of TeV Cosmic Rays using direct Cerenkov radiation
B.R. Dawson The Pierre Auger Observatory at 1018 eV
C.B. Finley Search for cross-correlations of ultra-high-energy Cosmic Rays with BL Lacertae objects
N. Solomey The Fermilab MIPP experiment
S. Ostapchenko High-energy Cosmic-Ray interactions - An overview
Presentations - WG 3: TeV Particle Physics and Physics beyond the Standard Model M. Ahlers Supersymmetry on the rocks
I. Sarcevic Ultra-high-energy cosmic neutrinos and the physics beyond the Standard Model
G. Bertone Black holes as dark matter annihilation "boosters"
J.F. Beacom Cosmic neutrino bound on the Dark Matter annihilation rate in the Late Universe
S. Reucroft, Y. Srivastava, J. Swain, A. Widom A new way to detect the Higgs
L.A. Anchordoqui Spacetime foam at a TeV
S. Palomares-Ruiz TeV g-Rays and neutrinos from nuclei photodissociation
H. Goldberg TeV g-Rays via nuclei de-excitation: HEGRA source
M.H. Reno, I. Saracevic, J. Uscinski Weak interactions and quasi-stable particle energy loss
Presentations - WG 4: Neutrino Astronomy S. Hussain Event rates vs. cross sections at neutrino telescopes
M.D. Kistler Prospects for galactic TeV Neutrino Astronomy
F.W. Stecker Upper limits to fluxes of neutrinos and gamma- rays from starburst galaxies
J. Becker for the IceCube Collaboration Implications of AMANDA neutrino flux limits
E. Resconi for the IceCube Collaboration IceCube: Multiwavelength search for neutrinos from transient point sources
D.F. Cowen for the IceCube Collaboration Tau neutrinos in IceCube
T. de Young, S. Razzaque, D.F. Cowen A novel tau signature in neutrino telescopes
G. Riccobene for the NEMO Collaboration Results from NEMO and Km3Net
M. Bouwhuis for the ANTARES Collaboration Results from ANTARES
A. Kappes, J. Hinton, C. Stegmann, F.A. Ahoranian Potential neutrino signals from galactic g-ray sources
Section Author Names Title of Paper
Presentations - WG 5: Dark Matter S. Ando Cosmic gamma-ray background from Dark Matter annihilation
P. Brun Enhancement of the Dark Matter positron signal in the intermediate-mass black-holes scenario
H. Yüksel Positron annihilations at the Galactic Center: Stringent constraint on positron injection energies
R. Trotta, R. Ruiz de Austri, L. Roszkowski Direct Dark Matter detection around the corner? Prospects in the constrained MSSM
L. Kaufmann, A. Rubbia The ArDM project: A Dark Matter direct detection experiment based on liquid argon
Presentations - WG 6: Gravitational Waves L.J. Rubbo Facing the LISA data analysis challenge
K. Sun, U. Johann, D.B. DeBra, S. Buchman, R.L. Byer LISA gravitational reference sensors
Presentations - WG 7: New Technologies S. Barwick ARIANNA: A new concept for ultra-high-energy neutrino detection
F. Feinstein, E. Delagnes Concepts and trends for front-end chips in astroparticle experiments
J. Vandenbroucke, D. Besson, S. Böser, R. Porrata, P.B. Price, R. Nahnhauer Toward hybrid optical/radio/acoustic detection of EeV neutrinos
S. Hundertmark for the SPATS Group SPATS - An acoustic array at the South Pole
K. Graf, G. Anton, J. Höbl, A. Kappes, U.F. Katz, R. Lahmann, C. Naumann, K. Salomon Towards acoustic detection of ultra-high-energy neutrinos in the Mediterranean Sea - The AMADEUS project in ANTARES
Posters - WG 1: Gamma Astronomy M. Bayer, J. Dumm, K. Larson, T. Montaruli, D. Steele Joint multi-wavelength observations of blazars with WIYN-VERITAS-IceCube
P. Colin, S. LeBohec, J. Holder Experimental approaches for 100 TeV astronomy
S. Wissel and E. Hays for the TrICe Collaboration The track imaging Cerenkov experiment
T.B. Humensky for the VERITAS Collaboration Technical status of VERITAS
J.M. Siegal-Gaskins, V. Pavlidou, A.V. Olinto, C. Brown, B.D. Fields Population studies of the unidentified EGRET sources
F.W. Stecker, and S.T. Scully Power-law to power-law mapping of blazar spectra from Intergalactic absorption
M. Tluczykont, M. Shayduk, O. Kalekin, E. Bernardini Long-term gamma-ray lightcurves and high state probabilities of Active Galactic Nuclei
B. Allen and G.B. Yodh for the Milagro Collaboration Measurement of the Crab Spectrum with Milagro
J.D. Zornoza for the IceCube Collaboration High-energy gammas from the giant flare of SGR 1806-20 of December 2004 in AMANDA
Section Author Names Title of Paper
Posters - WG 2: UHE Cosmic Rays X. Bai and T.K. Gaisser for the IceCube Collaboration Air showers in a three-dimensional array: Recent data from IceCube/IceTop
Posters - WG 3: TeV Particle Physics... G. Battistoni, R. Ganugapati, A. Karle, J.L. Kelley, T. Montaruli Comparison of high-energy interaction models used for atmospheric shower simulations above 1 TeV
Posters - WG 4: Neutrino Astronomy J. Dumm and H. Landsman for the IceCube Collaboration IceCube - First results
J. Hodges for the IceCube Collaboration Multi-year search for a diffuse flux of muon neutrinos with AMANDA-II
B. Hughey for the IceCube Collaboration Searches for neutrinos from Gamma-Ray Bursts with AMANDA-II and IceCube
Posters - WG 7: New Technologies G. Riccobene for the NEMO Collaboration First results from the NEMO test site