TeV Particle Astrophysics

TeV Conference 2006 Presenters

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Plenary Presenters

T. GaisserSummary Talk of ConferencePowerpoint
NameTitlePresentation Status
aprile,elenaThe Future of Dark Matter Direct DetectionPowerpoint
Blasi,PasqualeOpen Problems on the origin of Cosmic RaysPowerpoint
Cabrera,BlasDirect Detection of Dark Matter and CDMS/SuperCDMSPDF
Catanesi,GabriellaHadroproduction measurements at CERNPDF
Cornish,NeilGravitational Wave AstronomyPDF
Coyle,Paschaloverview of underwater neutrino telescopesPDF
Cronin,JimRecent Experimental Results on UHECRPowerpoint
Dermer,CharlesAstrophysical Sources of Neutrinos and Expected RaPowerpoint
Falcke,HeinoDetection of Radio Emission from Ultra-High EnergyPowerpoint
Han,TaoComplementarity of TeV-scale colliders and astropaPDF
Hanson,Kael600 Down: What's up with IceCube?Powerpoint
Komatsu,EiichiroResults from Three-Year WMAP ObservationsPowerpoint
krennrich,FrankStatus Report on VERITASPowerpoint
Lorenz,EckartGamma-ray Astronomy with groundbased Arrays: ResulPowerpoint
Montaruli,TeresaWelcome TalkPowerpoint
Thompson,LeeStatus of Acoustic DetectionPowerpoint
Ullio,PieroIndirect Dark Matter DetectionPDF
Varner,GaryThe radio technique and the exploration of the extreme energy universePDF
Weiler,TomNew Physics in Neutrino TelescopesPDF
Weiss,RainerGround based searches for gravitational wavesPDF
Yoshida,ShigeruAre there EHE signals?Powerpoint

Working Group Presenters

Gamma Astronomy Presenters
F. KrennrichGamma Astronomy Summary Powerpoint
M. TeshimaGamma Astronomy Summary Powerpoint
NameTitleTypePresentation Status
Allen,BrandenEvent-by-Event Energy Estimation and Spectral Measurement with MilagroPosterPDF
Bayer,MatthewJoint multi-wavelength observations of blazars with WIYN-VERITAS-IceCubePosterPowerpoint
Carson,JenniferGLAST: Physics Goals and Experimental StatusTalkPowerpoint
Colin,PierreExploring the High Energy End of gamma ray sourcesPosterPDF
giebels,berrieStudy of extragalactic sources with HESSTalkPDF
Goodman,JordanRecent Results on the Cygnus Region from MilagroTalkPowerpoint
Hays,ElizabethCosmic-Ray Background Rejection using Direct Cerenkov EmissionPosterNone
Hermann,GermanH.E.S.S.: status and future plansTalkPowerpoint
Horns,DieterStudy of galactic sources with HESSTalkPowerpoint
Humensky,BrianStereo Performance of VERITASPosterPowerpoint
Krimm,HansGamma-ray observations with Swift and their impactTalkPowerpoint
RAZZAQUE,SOEBURHigh energy emission from GRBsTalkPowerpoint
SiegalGaskins,JenniferPopulation Studies of the Unidentified EGRET SourcesPosterPDF
Smith,AndrewThe next generation all-sky gamma-ray telescope: mini-HAWCTalkPowerpoint
Stecker,FloydA Simple Analytic treatment of the Intergalactic Absorption Effect in Blazar Gamma-ray SpectraPosterPowerpoint
Swordy,SimonFuture Directions in Ground Based Gamma Ray AstronomyTalkPowerpoint
Tluczykont,MartinLong-time Gamma-Ray lightcurves and flare probabilities of AGNPosterPDF
Yodh,GaurangEvent by Event energy estimation and spectral measurement in MilagroPosterPDF
Zornoza,JuandeHigh energy gammas from the giant flare of SGR1806-20 of Dec. 2004 in AMANDAPosterPDF
Neutrino Astronomy Presenters
D. Hooper, L. KoepkeNeutrino Astronomy Summary Powerpoint
NameTitleTypePresentation Status
Becker,JuliaOn the interpretation of neutrino flux limits in tTalkPowerpoint
besson,daveUHE neutrinosTalkPowerpoint
Bouwhuis,MiekeResults from ANTARESTalkPowerpoint
Busca,NicolasNeutrinos from UHE nucleiTalkPDF
Connolly,AmyClosing in on Ultra-High Energy Neutrinos with theTalkNone
Cowen,DougTau neutrinos detection in IceCubeTalkPowerpoint
DeYoung,TyceNovel Tau Signature in Neutrino TelescopesTalkPowerpoint
Dumm,JonFirst results from IceCubePosterPowerpoint
Hodges,JessicaAMANDA-II 2000-2003 Limit on the Diffuse Flux of Muon NeutrinosPosterPowerpoint
Hughey,BrennanSearching for Neutrinos From GRBs with the AMANDAPosterPowerpoint
hussain,shahidEvent Rates vs. Cross-Sections at Neutrino TelescopesTalkPowerpoint
Kajino,TakaUHE-Neutrinos and nucleosyntehsis in collapsar as evidence for GRB central enginesTalkNone
Kappes,AlexanderPotential neutrino signals from galactic TeV gamma-ray sourcesTalkPowerpoint
Kistler,MatthewGuaranteed and Prospective Galactic TeV Neutrino STalkPowerpoint
Koepke,LutzReport on WG on neutrino astronomyTalkNone
Landsman,HagarFirst year results from IceCubePosterPowerpoint
Resconi,ElisaMultiwavelength Approach To Transient Neutrino Point Source CandidatesTalkPowerpoint
riccobene,giorgiostatus of the NEMO projectTalkPowerpoint
Stecker,FloydAre diffuse neutrinos from starburst galaxies observable?TalkPowerpoint
Gravitational Waves Presenters
G. MuellerGravitational Waves Summary Powerpoint
B. AllenGravitational Waves Summary Powerpoint
NameTitleTypePresentation Status
Adhikari,RanaThe Advanced LIGO InterferometersTalkPDF
Allen,BruceWorking Group OrganizerTalkNone
Brady,PatrickLIGO Observational ResultsTalkPDF
Frolov,ValeraStatus of LIGOTalkPowerpoint
Jenet,FredrickPulsar Timing and Gravitational Wave Detection: current status and future prospectsTalkNone
Mavalvala,NergisThe path to sub-quantum interferometry in gravitationTalkPowerpoint
Owen,BenjaminWhat can gravitational waves say about neutron staTalkPowerpoint
Rubbo,LouisFacing the LISA Data Aanalysis ChallengeTalkNone
Sun,Ke XunLISA Gravitational Reference SensorsTalkPDF
Visco,MassimoPresent performance of resonant mass detectors forTalkPowerpoint
UHECR Presenters
P. Ghia, T. GaisserUHECR Summary Powerpoint
NameTitleTypePresentation Status
Blasi,PasqualeParticle acceleration at shock fronts: Some reccent developmentsTalkPowerpoint
Dawson,BruceAuger at 10^18eVTalkPowerpoint
Finley,ChadRecent Results from the HiRes ExperimentTalkPowerpoint
Gaisser,TomAir showers in a three dimensional array: Most recent data from IceCube/IceTopPosterPDF
Ghia,PieraLuisaWorking Group OrganizerTalkNone
Haungs,AndreasCosmic rays from the Knee to the AnkleTalkPDF
Solomey,NickolasParticle Production Measurements at FermilabTalkPDF
Swordy,SimonDirect Measurements of Cosmic RaysTalkPDF
Unger,MichaelInclusive atmospheric muon fluxes and hadronic intPosterNone
Wakely,ScottGround-Based Observations of TeV Cosmic-Rays using Direct Cerenkov RadiationTalkPDF
Dark Matter Presenters
L. BaudisDark Matter Summary PDF
G. BertoneDark Matter Summary PDF
NameTitleTypePresentation Status
Ando,ShinichiroCosmic gamma-ray background from dark matter annihilationTalkPDF
Baudis,LauraReport of WG on Dark MatterTalkNone
BRUN,PierreThe enhancement of the positron signal from annihilations in IMBHsTalkPDF
Collar,Juan INew approaches to Dark Matter detectionTalkNone
Kaufmann,LilianThe ArDM ProjectTalkPDF
Natarajan,AravindCan a dark matter caustic produce a ring of stars ?TalkNone
Strigari,LouieMeta-Cold Dark Matter: Hierarchical Structure Formation and Dark Matter Halos That Have CoresTalkPDF
Trotta,RobertoNeutralino dark matter detection around the cornerTalkPDF
Yuksel,HasanConstraints on Galactic PositronsTalkPDF
TeV Particle Physics Presenters
I. AlbuquerqueTeV Particle Physics Summary PDF
Sergio Palomares-RuizTeV Particle Physics Summary PPT
NameTitleTypePresentation Status
Ahlers,MarkusLong-Lived Staus at Neutrino TelescopesTalkPDF
Albuquerque,IvoneThe report on the WG TeV and Physics Beyond the Standard Model will be given.TalkNone
Anchordoqui,LuisSpacetime foam at a TeVTalkPowerpoint
Beacom,JohnGeneral upper bound on the dark matter total annihilation cross sectionTalkPDF
Bertone,GianfrancoBlack Holes as Dark Matter annihilation boostersTalkPDF
Chacko,ZackariaDirect Detection of Supersymmetric Particles in NeTalkPowerpoint
Farrar,GlennysEvidence for a Long-Range Dark Matter Self Interaction (Fifth Force)TalkNone
Ganugapati,RaghunathComparison of high energy hadronic interaction modelsPosterPowerpoint
Goldberg,HaimTeV gamma rays and neutrinos from the HEGRA source in Sygnus OB2 via nuclei dissociationTalkPDF
Hooper,DanDetermining SUSY Parameters With Astrophysics ExperimentsTalkPDF
PalomaresRuiz,SergioTeV gamma-rays and neutrinos from nuclei photodissociationTalkPowerpoint
Reno,HallsieWeak interactions and quasistable particle energy lossTalkPDF
reucroft,stephenA Novel Way To Probe the Higgs FieldTalkPowerpoint
Sarcevic,InaUltrahigh Energy Cosmic Neutrinos and the PhysicsTalkPDF
New Techniques Presenters
D. SaltzbergNew Techniques Summary Powerpoint
J. VandenbrouckeNew Techniques Summary PPT
NameTitleTypePresentation Status
Barwick,SteveARIANNA: a new concept to measure the flux of extremely high energy cosmogenic neutrinosTalkPowerpoint
Falcke,HeinoUpdate on Westerbork Neutrino TelescopeTalkPowerpoint
Feinstein,FabriceFront-end ASICS for astroparticle experimentsTalkPDF
Goldstein,DavidEnergy resolution and calibration of the ANITA detectorTalkPowerpoint
Graf,KayAcoustic Detection of UHE Neutrinos in the MediterTalkPowerpoint
Hundertmark,StephanThe SPATS Acoustic Array at South PoleTalkPDF
Miocinovic,PredragStatus and Future plans of accelerator measurements of the Askaryan EffectTalkPowerpoint
Price,BufordPropagation of acoustic waves due to ultrahigh-eneTalkPowerpoint
riccobene,giorgioFirst results from the NEMO Test SitePosterPowerpoint
Saltzberg,DavidWorking Group OrganizerTalkPowerpoint
Vandenbroucke,JustinToward Hybrid Optical/Radio/Acoustic Detection of EeV NeutrinosTalkPowerpoint
Varner,GaryAskaryan Underice Radio Array (AURA) -- A Successor to RICE and Prelude to 10-km scale Neutrino DetectorTalkPDF