TeV Particle Astrophysics

TeV Conference 2006 Poster Presenters

Last NameFirst NameTitle
AllenBrandenEvent-by-Event Energy Estimation and Spectral Measurement with Milagro
BayerMatthewJoint multi-wavelength observations of blazars with WIYN-VERITAS-IceCube
ColinPierreExploring the High Energy End of gamma ray sources
DummJonFirst results from IceCube
GaisserTomAir showers in a three dimensional array: Most recent data from IceCube/IceTop
GanugapatiRaghunathComparison of high energy hadronic interaction models
HaysElizabethCosmic-Ray Background Rejection using Direct Cerenkov Emission
HodgesJessicaAMANDA-II 2000-2003 Limit on the Diffuse Flux of Muon Neutrinos
HugheyBrennanSearching for Neutrinos From GRBs with the AMANDA
HumenskyBrianStereo Performance of VERITAS
LandsmanHagarFirst year results from IceCube
riccobenegiorgioFirst results from the NEMO Test Site
SiegalGaskinsJenniferPopulation Studies of the Unidentified EGRET Sources
SteckerFloydA Simple Analytic treatment of the Intergalactic Absorption Effect in Blazar Gamma-ray Spectra
TluczykontMartinLong-time Gamma-Ray lightcurves and flare probabilities of AGN
UngerMichaelInclusive atmospheric muon fluxes and hadronic int
YodhGaurangEvent by Event energy estimation and spectral measurement in Milagro
ZornozaJuandeHigh energy gammas from the giant flare of SGR1806-20 of Dec. 2004 in AMANDA