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IceCube Tools

Dark matter likelihoods

IceCube has developed an improved event-level likelihood formalism for including neutrino telescope data in global fits for new physics. This was used to derive limits on spin-dependent dark matter-proton scattering with 79-string IceCube data. These results were announced by the IceCube Collaboration on January 5, 2016. The collaboration also provides nulike, a tool for computing unbinned, model-independent likelihoods from IceCube searches for dark matter annihilation in the Sun.

GRB Limits

IceCube has set the most stringent limits yet on GRB neutrino production, showing that the contribution of GRBs to the observed astrophysical neutrino flux cannot be larger than about 1%. These results, published by the IceCube Collaboration in December 2014, exclude much of the parameter space for the most popular models. The collaboration also provides this tool, which allows setting limits on other GRB models using IceCube data.

Read about these results in IceCube news.

GRB Database

A catalog of gamma ray burst information gathered in the Gamma-Ray Coordinate Network is available in this online database. The system distributes locations of GRBs detected by spacecraft and reports of follow-up observations made by ground-based and space-based optical, radio, x-ray, TeV, and other particle observers.