University of Wisconsin-Madison

First Year Performance Paper - Section 2

2 Overview of the Detector

The design of IceCube calls for 80 strings each instrumented with 60 DOMs capable of detecting signals over a wide dynamic range, from a single photon to several thousands arriving within a few microseconds of each other [22]. Strings will be deployed in a triangular grid pattern with a characteristic spacing of 125 m enclosing an area of 1 km2. Each hole cable, which carries 60 DOMs, is connected to a surface junction box placed between the two IceTop tanks. The IceTop DOMs are also connected to the surface junction box. A cable from the surface junction box to the central counting house carries all DOM cables and service wires. Signals are digitized and time stamped in the modules. Times and waveforms from several modules are used to reconstruct events from the Cherenkov light emitted by charged particles in the deep ice and in the IceTop tanks.