University of Wisconsin-Madison

Disposition - Miscellaneous: Drill Towers (2 each)

  • Drill Tower
  • Drill Tower Crescent Rollers
  • Drill Tower Hose Crescents
  • Drill Tower Cable Guides
  • Drill Tower Interior Hoist
  • Crystal Palace
  • Open TOS Connection Side
  • Drill Tower Winch
  • Name Drill Towers (2 each)
    Description Sits directly over hole, turns hoses/cables from their horizontal to vertical orientation, has hard points and hoist/winch for rigging operations, and provides a shelter for operations occurring around the hole. The drill tower attaches directly to the TOS double-wide structure.
    Tech Specs
    • Aluminum superstructure, bolted in sections to allow for palletization and shipping
    • Lower deck
    • Supported on skis
    • Opening for hole
    • Wide opening for attachment to TOS double-wide structure + man door
    • Crystal palace and black interior absorbs and stores solar heat, and provides wall tool storage
    • Hard points located near floor, and capstan winch anchored to lower deck for pulling hoses/cables into tower
    • Hard points located on ceiling for supporting suspended mass
    • Trolley chain hoist and beam
    • Lower main cable sheave mounted outside receives drill cable from cable reel
    • Upper deck
    • Railing and toe-boards all around
    • Lapier stairs and second ladder
    • 2 main cable sheaves direct drill cable up and over and center it over hole, assembly hinged with load cell and payout encoder
    • 2 hose crescents with belt, designed around our 3.7" OD drill hose allow for proper bend radius of hose without exceeding high restrictions for drilling near the South Pole skiway. Primary crescent is hinged with load cell and has payout encoder. Secondary crescent has external sheaves to also route the return water pump combo cable up and over the tower.
    • 5000 lb. capacity Jeamar hoist with variable speed, failsafe brake, limits, ∼1/2" steel wire rope cable approximately 20 feet in length