University of Wisconsin-Madison

Disposition - Miscellaneous: Hot Water Trencher

  • Motor and Pump Assembly Removed
  • Preparing to Trench
  • Generator, Motor, and Pump Operating
  • Motor and Pump Assembly Construction
  • 1,500 Gallon Insulated Tank and Trailer
  • Ready to Trench
  • Name Hot Water Trencher
    Description Used for trenching in snow for surface cable installation or exploratory drilling when mechanical trenching or other means is not suitable
    Tech Specs
    • 1500 gallon, insulated water storage tank
    • Power unit consisting of 24 HP gasoline Honda motor, Meyers Triplex positive displacement pump, ∼3kW electric generator, belt drive, gasoline tank
    • System nominally runs at 16 GPM, 1000 psig
    • Generator is 120 VAC 1-phase only
    • Trenching can be accomplished using either a wand or auxiliary tracking sled mounted on side of trencher
    • All components trailer-mounted, but separable
    • Can be towed with CAT 953, non-continuous when filled with water