University of Wisconsin-Madison

Disposition - Miscellaneous: Fuel Tower/Day Tank

  • SES Day Fuel Tank
  • Day Tank Pumps and Basin
  • Day Fuel Tank
  • SES Day Fuel Tank
  • Name Fuel Tower/Day Tank
    Description Gravity-feed fuel distribution tank for Seasonal Equipment Site
    Tech Specs
    • 300 gallon capacity
    • Auto fill and low/high warning control system
    • Integrated containment tank at base of tower
    • Manual fill basin, easy-read float level, venting per Code, painted black
    • Distribution manifolds for all SES buildings and generators, return manifold for 2-line generator fuel system
    • Two vane pumps controlled by control system automatically fill tank from larger fuel supply tanks
    • Bag filter and analog fuel volume totalizer
    • Approx. weight 3,300 lb.