University of Wisconsin-Madison

Disposition: Miscellaneous

  • Connecting Drill Head to Weight Stack
    Drill Heads (3 units)
    Used to provide real time feedback on hole characteristics. Below the drill head, a long weight stack holds the drill plumb and directs flow to the drilling nozzle at the bottom.

  • Behold the Independant Firn Drill
    Independent Firn Drill (IFD)
    This self-contained drill is used to penetrate through the porous firn layer with minimal losses and independent of deep drilling operations. The IFD drills firn holes to approximately 40 meters depth and stays a couple holes ahead of the deep drilling schedule.

  • SES Day Fuel Tank
    Fuel Tower/Day Tank
    Gravity-feed fuel distribution tank for Seasonal Equipment Site

  • Portable Generator Trailer
    Portable 30kW Generator
    30K Watt generator within an enclosed trailer on skis

  • Welder and Storage
    Weld Trailer
    Welder within enclosed trailer on skis.

  • Glycol Tank
    Glycol Storage Tank
    Holds 1200 gallons of fluid with protective cage and lift pockets/points in pallet.

  • Computer Display
    Drill Computers
    Handle EHWD control system, data logging and storage, and provides outside link

  • Motor and Pump Assembly Removed
    Hot Water Trencher
    Used for trenching in snow for surface cable installation or exploratory drilling when mechanical trenching or other means is not suitable

  • DOM Sled Drawing
    DOM Sleds (3 units)
    Sleds used to transport DOMs and DOM boxes around station

  • Drill Tower
    Drill Towers (2 each)
    Sits directly over hole, turns hoses/cables from their horizontal to vertical orientation, has hard points and hoist/winch for rigging operations, and provides a shelter for operations occurring around the hole. The drill tower attaches directly to the TOS double-wide structure.