A Modern Introduction to Physics

Physics 248

Welcome back to A Modern Introduction to Physics. The topics covered in physics 248 are gravity, waves (including particle waves), and electricity. We will begin with gravity and General Relativity, then proceed to study wave motion, the uncertainty principle, the hydrogen atom, DC electric and magnetic fields, AC fields, light, and then conclude with an introduction to cosmology, which will tie together many of the topics we have learned.

Last semester we introduced the basic principles of motion.  With the quantum theory we will extend those ideas about motion further, and you will probably have to reconsider how you view the world around you.  With gravity and electromagnetism we will become familiar with two of the four fundamental forces of nature known to us, and these laws feature prominently in understanding the universe around us.

As was true in 247, you will discover that much of this material is being covered in a different order than is conventional.  Our aim is to introduce you to the modern ideas of physics as soon as you are ready for them. 

We will assume that everyone has completed the second semester of calculus and is signed up for the third semester.

We hope you are enjoying learning physics.

Gary & Teresa