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*Warning: all coincident muon rates are twice as high as they should be (bug in livetime calculation, fixed now in sim production).

This webpage is a collection of plots, comparing available variables at level1, defined by the Offline_Processing_2007 wiki, as of Sep 1, 2007. Current descriptions of the physics filters running at pole can be found on the 2007 Online Filter wiki. All data were processed using in the context of IceRec-V01-06-00 with the level1.py script available on the Offline_Processing_2007 page, with only minor modifications to accomodate simulation. The IC22 data is from Aug 17, 2007, run 00109102. The simulation data comes from corsika 02-00-10. Atmospheric muons are from dataset 607 and 617 while the coincident-muons are from dataset 630. You can view the descriptions on the simulation webpage.

There are many plots for many interesting quantities, all shown in log, linear, and then linear and log exp/mc ratio. The plots have been organized into sections. You can either view one variable for all filters, or you can view all variables for one filter by selecting a link below. 'AnyFilter' contains all events that pass any physics filter (excluding MinBias and IceTop, since IceTop is not in this simulation). The rates shown in the legend are the rates of the plotted quantity, so a plot of hits shows the hit rate, not the event rate (whereas each event has one value of Nchan, so those rates are indeed event rates). Any plot in the variable links below will tell you the rates through the various filters. There are more details below, for when more details need to be understood.

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Nchan Nstring Ndir(C) Ldir MPE_Occupancy SPE_Occupancy SPE_String_Occupancy Linefit Azimuth Linefit Zenith Time Residuals


Any Filter Min Bias Cascade Filter EHE Filter Low E Contained Filter Muon Filter

Filter Rates (Hz):

Filtername: MinBias AnyFilter CascadeFilter EHEFilter LowEContainedFilter MuonFilter
Monitoring Data Rate*: 2.66 *200=531.8 ** 17.9 1.27 4.11 19.5
Data Rate: 2.63 *200=526 38.8** 18.2 1.30 4.16 19.8
Total Sim Rate: 2.81 *200=562 40.6** 15.5 0.93 3.61 24.9
Corsika Rate: 2.59 *200=518 29.3** 11.7 0.83 3.50 16.0
Coincident Rate: 0.22 *200=44 11.3** 3.77 0.10 0.10 8.9
*These are given by the monitoring webpage. Note that my rates are systematically a few % higher. It could be due to different livetimes used, but the difference is small.
**Note that the AnyFilter rate is not just the sum of the individual filter rates. This is because some events satisfy more than one filter, and those events are counted in the rates of each filter.

Old Comparisons:

To see IC9 comparisons with the previous 1.9.6 version of Simulation, you can view Jon Dumm's Lake Geneva talk linked here.

Other Details:

* Nchan, Nstring, and Ndir are all calculated using TimeWindowCleaned (6 us) first hits only. E.g., there may be fewer DOMs than the trigger requires in Nchan plots.

* The 'direct hit' time window is [-15, 75] ns.

* Two types of Occupancy plots are given (coming soon). MPE_Occupancy uses the same uncleaned hits used for triggering. SPE_Occupancy uses TimeWindowCleaned first hits. SPE_String_Occupancy shows how often each string was hit, only using first hits in each DOM.

* The rates given in the legend on the plots are in fact the rate of the plotted quantity. So, if you are looking at a plot of hits, the rates given are the hit rates, not event rates.

* The Residual Time plots (actual time - expected time from Cherenkov) are calculated using TimeWindowCleaned hits.