MUM-f2k interface

This page contains the MUM (MUon + Medium) propagation code (Version 1.2 - May 17,  2000) written by Igor Sokalsky  . A f2000-AMANDA interface had been intially written by Ped Miocinovic (Version 0.1). This basic version was fundamental for me and it made very easy to complete the f2000 implementation of MUM propagation code.


 here  it is possible to find some distributions obtained with MUM and compared with the other propagation codes

System requirements:

In order to compile and to run mumf2k, event++ package is required. It is possible to download it directly from the Official AMANDA Software Page (usual AMANDA password required). I had successfully compiled event++ version 0.41 in a Linux machine with SuSe 7.1 (KERNEL : 2.2.18-p1) : ICE farm in DESY-Zeuthen.
Since the MUM propagation code is written in FORTRAN and mumf2k interface is written in C, the cfortran package is necessary. It should be already installed in any system with CERN libraries. Otherwise it can be taken from the CERN ASIS ftp servers.

Paolo Desiati